best jandals

You will definitely look like a beach local with a good pair of jandals.


They are the minimalist-beachy-throw on your feet and go- type of footwear.


We created this guide to help you choose between the most popular brands out there.


Make sure you read the info below on sizing before buying a pair!


What We Compared?


  • Comfort
  • Overall Fit
  • Traction

How the jandals look is up to YOU!

Not your style? You will like these water shoes if you need something a little more sturdy.

The most important decision you will make with any jandal in this list is the SIZE you choose.  Make sure you read the details below so that you aren’t ordering the wrong size.

For the most part these sandals run a tad small.  But just HOW small the jandals are depends on your foot size.


  • Sizes 5-6 you MAY need to order a size up. Depending on the brand maybe even 2 sizes.
  • Sizes 8-10 you WILL need to order a size up. Maybe 2 depending on brand..
  • Size 11+ you will most likely have to order 2+ sizes up. The increments in size sort of plateau with these jandals for bigger feet.

Let’s jump right in.


Pali Hawaii Adult Classic Jandals Sandals BROWN 09

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Pali Hawaii makes the original Jandal here.  They’ve been designing their sandal since 1983.

Although Pali Hawaii has many different styles of flip flops..for the sake of this post we are only going to mention the Jandals.


Pali Hawaii Classics are available in brown, light brown, dark brown and black.

These have been around the longest of all Pali’s styles.

Consequently, they are the MOST popular!


Because they’re rubber – this allows them to feel sort of ‘squishy’ beneath your feet.

But not a non-supportive type squishy.

They are made of a dense rubber so it will offer support for your movement.

Another great feature about Pali’s jandals is that they come with little raised bumps on the sole.

This not only makes them feel comfortable, but gives you a little traction and keeps your foot down on the sole when it’s wet and you’re walking on uneven surfaces.


For the most part we found that these fit smaller than expected. 1 size smaller to be exact.


The best way to make sure you are choosing the right size is to look at how snug your athletic shoes are.   Go try them on!


Are your toes right at the edge?  Can you put a half a thumb width in between your toes and the end of the shoe?


Regardless, you will most likely need to order a size up, and if you’re REALLY cramming in your athletic shoes then you may want to order 2 sizes up.


You’d have to be really snug to order 2 sizes up so go with 1 to be safe, and 2 sizes up if you’re size 11+


Although these jandals are made of rubber we had no problem with traction.

The most important thing to consider is where you will be wearing these.


If you plan to hike in them it will be better to look at other sandals with better traction.

But if you’re just looking for normal everyday use you will be just fine with any jandal in this list.


These will last you a LONG time.

Plus, they are a great value as these are NOT expensive sandals.

Pali Hawaii Buckle Jandals

The buckle jandals have a wider footbed with wider (and adjustable straps).

Plus, we loved the raised toe molds towards the front of the jandal that you can feel keeping your foot secure.

Comes in brown and light brown, as well as black.  The wider footbed does make this a better option for women with wider feet or men as well.  This is a perfect all around summer jandal for guys or girls.


Pali Hawaii Jesus Buckle Sandal (9)

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Hawaii Imperial Jandals

These are just like Pali Hawaii Classics.

As far as looks go these two couldn’t be more similar.

However, some key differences are the sole of the jandal, and the design of the mold itself.

Also, we found that the color can differ.

Really depends on how strong the dye is when they are being made.

We found for the most part Imperial Hawaii Jandal’s ‘brown’ looks closer to the Pali Hawaii’s light brown.


The comfort for these jandals were just like Pali Hawaii. With high quality rubber, and all bumps on the footbed they fit very nice for everyday use.


Additionally, one of the features we liked about Imperial over Pali was the design of the footbed.  Pali has a LOT of different grooves in the footbed while Imperial’s Jandals have less grooves (plus the grooves are more front to back) and a slightly smoother footbed.


Honestly, we liked it….but it’s such a tiny detail you will barely even notice.


First, make sure you have your athletics shoe size correct.

Unlike Pali Hawaii’s jandal where it may be best to get 1 size larger Imperial recommends that women should get the size that they wear, but round half sizes up.

And for men – round half sizes up and order 2 sizes up.  (Order 3 sizes up if you’re 11+)

  • Women Example:  If you wear size 7, get a 7. If you wear a 7.5 then round up and get an 8.
  • Men Example: If you wear size 9 then get an 11. If you wear size 9.5 then round up to 10, and then go 2 sizes up to 12.


As far as traction to the ground from the bottom of the shoe itself there is a slight difference here.


The imperial has more cutouts in the bottom of the jandal, while the Pali Hawaii jandal is a little more ‘flat’ with some raised grooves.


Now as far as the traction in between your foot and the shoe..


Although we did slightly prefer the footbed of the Imperial over the Pali Hawaii Jandal…the amount of Pali’s grooves means better traction between your foot and the shoe.


Again though, these details are miniscule and you will barely notice.

J-Slips Jandals

J-Slips are made to be narrower than other jandals.

So if you have a skinny foot these may be the best choice for you.

However, if you have a normal size foot you really can’t go wrong with choosing any brand in the list.


Much like the Pali’s and Imperials mentioned above they are made of rubber so the comfort here will be similar.


One thing to note is that J-Slips rubber is actually a tad bit softer and they claim after wearing them for only 1 day it will leave an impression of your foot in the shoe – maximizing comfort.


The fit are narrower than the ones listed above.

Do you have skinny feet? If so then choose these.

Also consider if you’ll be wearing these with socks. If you will be then they could be too tight.

For sizing – only order a size up here, and for 11+ order 2 sizes up.


The traction of these shoes are much like the Pali Hawaii jandals.


We did notice that the tread on the front bottom of the flip flop was a tad more raised, but nothing to make a difference or feel one at least.


The design in the heel is also ‘grooved’ instead of Pali Hawaii’s ‘speckled look’.

Hawaii Moses Jandals

J-slips Hawaiian Jesus Sandals (Slim Fit) Brown Coconut Color (Medium Brown) (2….

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Just as the other Jandals – Hawaii Moses is very similar.

To point out – we felt like the heel within these jandals were slightly taller than the ones above.

The height difference is barely noticeable as all of these jandals are nearly identical.

Additionally, these jandals have a nice ‘curve’ (from front to back) that cradled our feet nicely.  Notice in the picture the toe portion curves up.


One thing we noticed about these jandals are the lack of ‘deeper’ grooves in the heel.

They seemed to be very shallow, and already smoothed over for more comfort.


We recommend ordering 1 size up, and if you’re 11+ shoe size go for 2 sizes up.

All depends on just how big your foot is.  Make sure you try on your athletic shoes for your true size before calculating.


Identical to all of the jandals all mentioned above.

Again, not a hiking sandal here.

Hawaii Surfware Jandals

The Surfware Jandals are probably the least like the others for a few reasons worth mentioning.

First of all, the color isn’t as similar as the other brands and looks to have a little more ‘red’ mixed in with the brown.

The other reasons mentioned here:


While the other jandals had tighter straps that hold your feet down to the sole – the straps on this one are a tad loose.


Keep in mind if you not only have a a wider foot, but you have a TALL foot (from bottom of foot to top of foot) then these may feel more comfortable for you.


Also great to wear with socks.


These shoes have a wider foot bed than the J-Slips (of course), but also is wider than ALL the ones listed above.

If you have a narrow foot you may want to stick to the J-Slips or the others.


  • For women: Order the same size as your athletic shoes you have.  These are manufactured on a ‘ladies size scale’.
  • For men: We recommend ordering 1 size up, and if you’re 11+ shoe size go for 2.


Decent traction here.  We did feel a little more (just like the imperials) as the bottom of these have a raised turtle pattern.


Nice design for the bottom of the shoe, but you don’t be seeing that much.

Jandals Recap & Summary

To recap on all 5 of these Jandals.


  • Consider your ‘true’ shoe size before calculating what you will need
  • Read the ‘overall fit’ section within each type.


All these jandals are nearly identical.  If we had to remove one from the bunch in terms of similarity we’d say the Hawaii Surfware jandals were the most different.


That said…every single one has a different feature that the other one does not.


Some of these details may be more noticeable to you than others.


But.. if you’re JUST using them for everyday things you can’t go wrong with any brand, and the biggest differentiator here would then be the color.