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The 5 BEST Full Face Snorkel Masks

Seaview-white-teal Look. We all know that snorkeling is a blast, but wouldn’t you agree that you want to swim ashore once you have the slightest issue with breathing (or sucking water)? We hate that. Getting a snorkel mask that makes your trip so much more enjoyable is well worth the investment. Specifically speaking – one that doesn’t cause problems. Full face snorkel masks are becoming must haves when compared to traditional ones. Just as the name suggests – they cover your entire face, and make you look like an astronaut in the water, but your new snorkeling view will be as wide and unobstructed as it’s ever been than it has ever been. The best part? They help you breathe whichever way you prefer.  Whether that be through your mouth (like a traditional mask), or through your nose. Don’t plan your next vacation or trip to the beach without one! Better not forget your wetsuit either.

We all know the feeling of using a standard snorkel mask.

  • Constantly PUSHING the mask over your face to prevent water from coming in
  • Making sure the snorkel tube stays in the ‘UP’ position so you’re not sucking water
  • You can ONLY breathe through your mouth
  • NO padding in between the mask and your face making it uncomfortable
These aspects can ruin the snorkeling trip you’ve been waiting for. With a full face mask – all of these problems are solved.

Why Buy A Full Face Snorkel Mask?

  • You don’t have to constantly push the mask on to your face. This tends to happen with standard snorkel masks because humans have a big variation in their cheek bones, and a standard snorkel mask cannot account for that.  Additionally, you can easily strap the mask on and go.  It’s widely applicable because the perimeter of the mask surrounds your face, and not just your eye/facial structure.
  • You don’t have to adjust the snorkel tube so that it stays in the ‘UP’ position. The snorkel tube is integrated into the mask itself so it’s always in the same position when you’re enjoying what you came to do hassle free.
  • You don’t have to breathe through your mouth only. You can breathe through your nose, your mouth, or both.  Within every snorkel mask below you’ll find that the mouth and nose component covers both, and you don’t have to bite down on a snorkel tube mouthpiece.  Another thing you don’t have to worry about.
  • You don’t have to worry about that ‘suction cup’ feel to your face at all. There is padding on the snorkel mask so it gives your face some cushion.  This allows for a much more comfortable fit.

 What Brands Were Compared?


 What Features Were Compared?

Every mask below has similar features, but some of the things we will be discussing within every model is…


Overall does the mask fit?  How snug is it? Is the padding too narrow or wide?  What about leakage?  Does it happen often? Does it come in different sizes?
ALL 5 masks have a consistent way to determine what size you need. With your mouth closed measure the distance from the bridge of your nose to the middle of your chin. If you fall beneath a certain length then it will be a smaller size. If you fall above a certain length then it will be a larger size. See below for exact measurements as every mask differs.
Full Face Snorkel Mask Sizing Chart
Another cool feature that these full face snorkel masks had was the release valve. If any water gets inside the mask you can simply tilt your head above the water and it will come out of the bottom of the mask. This way you don’t have to deal with taking your mask off to drain it, and you can continue snorkeling!


Is this full face snorkel mask easy to breathe into at a normal rate? What about when I’m out of breath?  Is there some sort of threshold where it becomes difficult? I like to dive down when I snorkel or scuba dive…in scuba diving I don’t necessarily have to think about blowing air out when I resurface. But when I snorkel – will it be difficult to blow the water out of the tube

Other Full Face Snorkel Mask Features

Obviously full face snorkel masks aren’t for everyone.  If you have a really large head size then it may not fit you, or the cushion could press against parts of your face it’s not intended to. Make sure you check out the sizing component that we mention in every model below to make sure you are choosing the correct size. Another reason the full face snorkel mask may not be a good fit besides having a large head or face would be if you have a skinny face, or tiny head.  If your face and forehead isn’t quite big enough for you to fit it in the full face snorkel mask these may not be good for you. One other aspect that we’d like to address is FOG. Fog does NOT have to do with the quality of the snorkel mask.  Technically, it can relate to ventilation that the mask allows. But…
The #1 reason for fog on a snorkel mask is a DIRTY mask. When snorkeling, have you ever had moisture build up in the bottom of your mask into a little ‘pool’? That’s good. This happens when your mask is completely clean and the moisture has nothing to stick to. But if the mask is dirty the moisture will stick to dirt, or any particles that you have within the inside of the lens and cause fog.
Now obviously ALL fog can’t be avoided, but keeping your mask clean for the most part will do the trick.  To make sure it’s completely clear here is some great antifog spray.
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Tribord EasyBreath

tribord easybreath blue full face snorkel mask

The Tribord Easybreath is (in our opinion) the best full face snorkel mask in the entire list. Just as the name suggests yes it’s easy to breathe through, and it comes with 4 size options to make sure that there is a fit for your face.
The Tribord EasyBreath Full face snorkel mask fits extremely well on your face.  One thing you will notice with all of the full face snorkel masks in this list is HOW it fits on your face. The first time around it may feel odd to not just have your standard snorkel mask surrounding your eyes and resting on your cheekbone. This full face snorkel mask will fit your face snug, but not too snug.
While the others in this post come with only 2 size options this full face snorkel mask comes with 4
  • Less than 10cm = XS
  • Less than 12cm = S/M
  • More than 12cm = M/L
  • More than 13cm = L/XL
For every full face snorkel mask you will find that if you have snorkeled in the past, and you are accustomed to only breathing through your mouth this will feel different now having the option to breathe through your nose. Breathing through the Tribord isn’t difficult, but keep in mind that your oxygen passes through a different way than it does with a normal mask. Rather than having a snorkel tube that goes from your mouth directly to the oxygen outside, it has to pass through the facial chamber, and then to the snorkel itself. That said – if you have difficulty breathing when snorkeling through your mouth and want to breathe naturally then a full face snorkel mask is for you.
Additionally, for the Tribord full face snorkel mask we liked the orange color on the top part of the snorkel.  It provides extra visibility to boaters and swimmers that may be around you when snorkeling.

Seaview 180 Degree

seaview 180 full face snorkel mask panoramic white / teal

This is the best full face snorkel mask for wide visibilty.  If you want an interrupted snorkel experience and you want to see all of the fishies out of the corners of your eyes too then go for this one.
The seaview 180 full face snorkel mask fits much like the tribord above.  It comes with adjustable straps that aren’t the rubbery type you will find on standard snorkel masks. This is important for women & men with longer hair and have trouble with their hair getting caught in between the rubbery straps etc. The Seaview 180 full face snorkel mask comes in 2 sizes:
  • Less than 12cm = S/M
  • More than 12cm = L/XL
Slightly more difficult to breathe through than the Tribord. If you are an avid snorkeler, or you think you’ll be breathing heavily from either being out of shape or just going all out then you may want to stick to the Tribord full face snorkel mask, or just go for a standard snorkel mask. Any full face snorkel mask (in this post and not) aren’t meant for faced pace swimming or diving either.  They are meant for snorkeling only at a reasonable speed.
The most important thing to mention here is the ‘view’ you will be getting with the seaview 180. Yes, it is much wider feeling than the tribord, but also note that it can be different for some people. It can give you a feeling of demagnification (will make things look smaller than they actually are) when you are snorkeling. If you have great eyesight this may be a problem for you, but if you get sick from slight distortion then these may feel like you’re wearing a pair of sunglasses when you have perfect vision. However….that said – this is what the seaview was going for.  They want to give you the full panoramic view of everything underwater.  So the amount you can see without turning your head is tremendous. The Seaview full face snorkel mask ALSO takes the cake for all of the different color combinations, and to top it off comes with a GoPro mount if you want to post that sweet video of your dive to your Instagram page.

Octobermoon 180 Degree

octobermoon white full face snorkel mask

Octobermoon makes the best full face snorkel mask for rough or wavy water. It breathes much like the Tribord Easybreath, but the longer tube keeps you from sucking in water if the water isn’t glass smooth.
The Octobermoon full face snorkel mask fits just like the Tribord, and we found it to be just as good. Octobermoon comes in these sizes:
  • Less than 12cm = S/M
  • More than 12cm = L/XL
Otobermoon makes a great full face snorkel mask here. Breathing in this mask is much like the Tribord, but found it to be easier whenever the waves hit. This full face snorkel mask has an 8.8 inch tube so if you are snorkeling and the occasional waves are passing by you have a better chance of not seeing any water come in this mask compared to the others.
Something else to note is that this full face snorkel mask doesn’t have that ‘panoramic’ type look, or the GoPro mount that the SeaView has.

The Super Snorkel

super snorkel black full face snorkel mask

Just like the Octobermoon – The Super Snorkel has a long breathing tube so it’s easy to use in rough water, but also gives you great peripheral vision (like the seaview 180). This is the best full face snorkel mask if you have sensitive eyes because the mask is actually rounded.  Giving you an edgeless view of everything you need to see when you’re snorkeling.
While the others above (including the SeaView) have a flat front, and then rounded on the perimeter of the lens this full face snorkel mask has a completely rounded lens so you can get more of a theatrical view underwater, and you won’t ever notice the ‘edges’. Super Snorkel sizes:
  • Less than 12cm = S/M
  • More than 12cm = L/XL
Much like Octobermoon’s full face snorkel mask – The Super Snorkel has an extended snorkel if waves happen to pass by you. The air chamber on this snorkel mask is just like the others with a dedicated air chamber that goes around your mouth – separate from the lens in front of your eyes to prevent fogging from you’re the moisture in your breath.
Overall the Super Snorkel is another great option and has a pretty stylish look. It looks like something out of a James Bond movie with it’s all black look compared to the colored options.

SeaFin Mask by Shark Gear

seafin full face snorkel mask black-blue

The SeaFin full face snorkel mask has easy to adjust nylon straps just as the others do, and like the SeaView has a wider angle lens. SeaFin Mask sizes:
  • Less than 4.75 inches = S/M
  • More than 4.75 inches = L/XL
We will note that the snorkel is a little shorter (unlike the lengths on the Super Snorkel and Octobermoon) so we don’t recommend this one if you are going to be in a lot of waves. Additionally this full face snorkel mask is easy to breath in.

Overall Summary

You can’t go wrong with any of these full face snorkel masks. Make sure you are choosing the correct size and scroll back up in the post on preventing fog within your mask.  These are some common issues that happen to snorkelers that are completely unrelated to the snorkel set itself, but is instead dependent on the care of the snorkel.